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Category: Wound Care

PROMOGRAN PRISMA matrix is a freeze-dried composite of collagen, oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) and silver.  Made from a matrix of 55% collagen, 44% ORC and 1% ORC/Silver.

PROMOGRAN PRISMA matrix is designed to 'kick start' the healing process while providing protection from infection.

 In the presence of exudate PROMOGRAN PRISMA matrix transforms into a soft and conformable, biodegradable gel; this allows contact with all areas of the wound.  With PROMOGRAN PRISMA, stalled wounds heal:

  • Faster
  • Cost effectively
  • While providing protection from infection

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Product Specifications

  • Sizes: 4.34 sq. in. Hexagon, 19.1 sq. in Hexagon

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